More structural information from transparent samples

The new TL3000 Ergo base for stereo microscopes from Leica makes it possible to see more structural information in translucent samples and model organisms. It provides the ideal lighting and contrasting conditions for experiments and inspections in life science and industrial applications.

For substantiated decisions, the built-in illumination and contrast options of the TL3000 Ergo transmitted light base reveal more structural information of the samples through high resolution (NA 0.73), high color fidelity and optimized contrasting. In zebrafish research this allows a clear understanding of the nervous system, heart, blood vessels, and pigmentation.

Zebrafish development, 10 somites stage. Follow semantic segmentation in high detail. Sample courtesy: Vermot Laboratory, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France

For exploration of hidden details, e.g. defects in glass, scratches and quality control of etching, the TL3000 Ergo provides a selection of contrast methods. See the original colors with brightfield illumination. Investigate internal structures with Rottermann Contrast. Explore the smallest details with darkfield illumination. 

Work with uncompromised resolution and high contrast simultaneously. Furthermore, the homogenous field of view with its 65 mm diameter allows easier handling with manipulators and provides more space to work efficiently and effectively. 

For more information go to the product page of the TL3000 Ergo & TL5000 Ergo transmitted light bases. 

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