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Hybrid Detection System - Leica HyD for ConfocalHybrid Detection System - Leica HyD for Confocal

New Hybrid Detection System - Leica HyD for Confocal

  • Hybrid technology – the best of both worlds

Half PMT, half APD our hybrid detectors with a GaAsP photocathode offer superior sensitivity  and a large dynamic range for efficient observation of dim structures.

  • Improved cell viability

Increased sensitivity translates into reduced light dosage delivered to the sample. No need to worry about photobleaching or phototoxicity in living cell experiments.

  • Filter-free super-sensitivity

The HyD modules seamlessly integrate into Leica Microsystems‘ spectral detection design, resulting in full flexibility with the AOBS - the only true filter-free detection concept.

  • Fastest super-sensitive point scanner

Our pioneering rapid point scanning technology sports a unique frame rate of 29 fps at 512x512 with the widest field of view available. Combine parallax-free rapid scanning with low noise hybrid detection.

  • Dynamic range from single photon to whole organism

HyD detection offers a dynamic range from single photon counting to whole organism imaging. Unlike array-based spectral detection designs the Leica SP detection allows for customized ballance beween highest sensitivity and highest dymamic range.

  • Open upgrade path

Start with up to four HyD modules or expand your existing Leica TCS SP5 system. Invest into tomorrow‘s technology today.

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Hybrid Detection System - Leica HyD for Confocal
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