New Remote Monitoring Smart Solution

The Leica EM AFS2-Smart is a new feature that enables remote monitoring of a freeze substitution program running on a Leica EM AFS2 unit (both in manual mode or in an automated FSP mode).

Leica EM AFS2 Remote Monitoring on Youtube

This All-in-One Smart Solution includes an elegant GSM Module, SIM card and one year of data volume (calculated from an average annual use). Each Smart system has a unique ID and QR code which enables the user to conveniently follow an experiment on a computer or a smart phone.

  • Access your EM Leica EM AFS2 system at any time from any location
  • Be in control of your experiment and laboratory

Be smart - stay connected!

  1. Check the actual temperature, program status or LN2 level ... on-line
  2. The Smart system will alert you when required by SMS about your AFS status. You will be notified when an action is required (e.g. "UV lamp need"). An SMS alert will be sent to the selected recipients.
  3. Share your experiment with a lab-mate - Up to 3 phone numbers can be activated for simultaneous AFS alert notification
  4. Any EM AFS2 unit can become an Leica EM AFS2 Smart -Retrofitable module, including software and hardware upgrade available. Installation and activation within one hour!

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