On a Par With the Customer

Leica Microsystems’ European Application Team

Many industrial microscope applications demand expert knowledge. Leica Microsystems has a team of application specialists to give customers optimum advice for selecting and operating microscope systems and the appropriate software. Oscar Rodriguez, Manager of Leica Microsystems’ European application team, outlines the tasks of his team.

Oscar, what’s special about the European application team?

“Our application specialists know their customers’ field of work, they are qualified mineralogists, metallographers or experts in other areas of specialism. That means that they can talk to customers on equal terms, they speak their language and understand the specific requirements of the various branches of industry. Above all, the application specialists are highly familiar with the relevant norms and standards. So their expertise is a particularly important component for the advice they give on the right solution.”

What are the tasks of an application specialist?

“Everyone in the team has his or her own region and sometimes subject. For instance, we have specialists who are responsible for the Leica DCM8 3D surface measurement system. Together with sales staff, the application specialists do product demos, they run user workshops, provide technical support before and after sales. On top of that they offer customer training after the microscope system has been installed. Another important part of their job is to bring direct feedback from the market and the customer which we pass on to the production management and R&D.”

Leica Microsystems’ application team is a pioneering development in the marketplace – what was the reason for setting it up?

“We have a great variety of products and software solutions for a very wide spectrum of applications. Apart from the purely technical product know-how, it’s becoming more and more important to offer specific application knowledge. Another reason is that only a specialist is familiar with all the many national and international norms, e.g. in cleanliness analysis or metallography. And these are frequently crucial for the work of our customers. With the application team, we can provide ideal support for their sales colleagues.”

The team:

Oscar Rodriguez, Team Manager of Application Specialists Europe
Nicol Ecke, Team Manager of Application Specialists for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Christoph Frank, Germany
Stefan Fink, Germany
Kaveh Foroughi, Germany
Dionís Díez, Spain and Portugal, specialist for metallography and surface metrology for Europe
Giancarlo Parma, Italy, specialist for metallography and surface metrology for Europe
Agnes Landouar, France, Belgium and the Netherlands
Markus Auernhammer, Switzerland and Austria
Patrice Beline, surface metrology specialist for France, the UK and Benelux countries
Bert Willems, surface metrology specialist for Germany

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