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Precise analysis of particle transport and molecular binding - with the Leica TCS SMD FCS

The Leica TCS SMD FCS   is a dedicated system for reliable acquisition and analysis of FCS   and FCCS data. Both methods focus on quantitative analysis of transport and binding processes, in vitro and in vivo.

The SMD FCS wizardoptimizes FCS and FCCS measurement conditions and allows the setup of a complex FCS and FCCS time series at multiple measurement positions.

Typical FCS and FCCS applications

a) in solution (biochemical assay)

  • Nucleic acid hybridization assays
  • Protein and peptide interactions with liposomes
  • Protein-protein and ligand-receptor interactions
  • Characterization of photo-physical properties of fluorophores and autofluorescent proteins.

b) in live cells or vesicles

  • Ligand-membrane receptor and protein-DNA interactions
  • Concentration mapping
  • Oligomerization: protein and lipid clustering
  • Transport processes and signal transduction
  • Lipid phase transitions
  • Diffusion and binding of synthetic markers, nucleic acids, and proteins in different cell compartments

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