Precision in premium cataract surgery

Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems in partnership with TrueVision Systems Inc. launches the IOLcompass Pro. IOLcompass Pro is a software-based guidance system for pre-operative planning and intra-operative positioning of premium intraocular lenses (IOLs). It supports ophthalmic surgeons to achieve minimal residual astigmatism for their patients by providing stable and accurate guidance throughout the cataract surgical workflow.

With traditional IOL guidance systems, surgeons can experience several inconveniences, which may affect precision. IOLcompass Pro is flexible and responsive with seamless interfacing, allowing surgeons to perform astigmatism corrections with the highest level of accuracy.

Unlike some other IOL guidance systems, IOLcompass Pro has full data connectivity with some of the leading topographers on the market today. Auto registration algorithms align generated guidance templates to the live surgical image via recognition of the patterns of the limbus and scleral blood vessel structures and provide highly stable, real-time eye tracking throughout the procedure. If changes need to be made at any stage, the software recalculates and proposes an optimized surgical plan, which the surgeon can accept or freely adjust as required; there are no rigid system pre-settings.

“Patients have high expectations when they undergo cataract or refractive surgery: They expect to be glasses-free afterwards. To meet this expectation, accuracy is crucial,” says Ulrich Jung, MD, of the ARTEMIS-EyeClinic Dillenburg, Germany. “I like to use the topographer I trust most to provide the most accurate measurements. IOLcompass Pro fully connects with my existing topographer and my Leica microscope and doesn’t force me to invest in an additional device”. Dr. Jung goes on to explain how accuracy is maintained, “As soon as the pre-operative digital image is registered onto the live surgical image, I immediately have a highly precise axial position where I can orient the lens. The stable display of the astigmatism axis throughout the whole placement translates into fast, uninterrupted, and precise procedures.”

“In the field of IOL guidance, existing products tend to restrict surgeons in pre-operative device selection and surgery plan adjustment,” says Markus Lusser, President of Leica Microsystems. “IOLcompass Pro is an intelligent tool which provides flexibility and responds to surgeons’ needs, for uncompromised support of their surgical precision. By choosing IOLcompass Pro with our new premium ophthalmology microscope Proveo 8, anterior surgeons now have a complete workflow solution from pre-operative planning to consistent, intra-operative visualization, and precise intraocular lens alignment. This helps them to achieve the best possible patient outcome.”

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