Product Overview: Microscopes for Restorers

The Leica DVM2500 Digital Microscope allows effortless viewing even of large and immovable works of art. Thanks to its flexible tilting stand and rotary x/y stage you can detect even the finest details on sloping or vertical surfaces. Its slender zoom optics even reach surfaces that are extremely hard to access. The microscope image is directly displayed on a high-resolution monitor – no need to look through an eyepiece!  The Leica DVM2500 combines the modular LAS Software with a fast camera and compact control unit for precise analysis.

Combinable with a stereomicroscope and a digital camera, the Leica F12 I floor stand, is the mobile solution for working with large objects. No matter if you are positioned in front of a wall or by a table, you can position the stereomicroscope at an ideal angle to the object due to the three different pivot points and the continuous height adjustment. Also, the horizontal arm can be rotated 360° round the vertical column. To view the work of art from the side, the inclinable column can be quickly and easily set to the desired viewing angle without any tools. The maximum reach of the Leica F12 I arm is 120 cm. As a result of years of experience in developing microscopes for surgical applications, the floor stand has a stable design that virtually eliminates vibrations in spite of the long extension of the stand arm. The floor stand can also be easily adapted to the posture of the user for a comfortable and relaxed working position.

Analyze and restore without damaging valuable paint layers and pigments with the Leica M165 C stereomicroscope. Due to the integrated encoding, the magnification and position of the iris diaphragm are transmitted to the Leica Application Suite (LAS) software in real time. A scale bar is superimposed into the live image and updated when the magnification is changed. When an image is stored, the software saves all the associated settings so that they can be recalled whenever needed. Configure the Leica M165 C to suit your exact requirements, choosing from a comprehensive range of ergonomic accessories, numerous LED illumination units, and a wide selection of digital cameras.

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