Product Portfolio Microscope Cameras

High-Speed for your Images – Leica DMC2900

The Leica DMC2900 digital color camera is optimized for real-time imaging in standard microscopy applications. With up to 30 frames per second, its live preview function allows samples to be easily positioned, perfectly focused, and even manipulated on the computer screen. A reliable 1/2" CMOS sensor with 3-megapixel resolution ensures the optimal processing of standard microscopic applications which require processor-intensive series of single image captures. It features the speed of a USB 3.0 interface, which allows easy image settings and precise documentation of microstructures – and can even be used with modern notebooks.

Easy, fast, brilliant in HD Quality – Leica MC120 HD (2.5 MP) and Leica MC170 HD (5 MP)

The HD microscope cameras Leica MC120 HD and Leica MC170 HD allow effortless documentation, easy measuring and brilliant imaging. They provide ultra-high-speed live images via an HDMI interface to a high-definition monitor, or via a USB interface to a computer screen. Depending on the operating mode configured, the camera can be operated entirely separately, directly with a remote control on an HD monitor, or on a computer with high performance Leica imaging software that was developed for the special requirements in microscopy. With the c-mount interface, the compact HD microscope cameras fit on every commercially available microscope, macroscope, or imaging instrument. That makes them particularly flexible and of interest for individual requirements and budgets. A dual live video stream to a PC and to any imaging device with HDMI interface with minimal lag time allows users to setup a specimen while comfortably looking at a flat screen.

Ultra-Resolution Photomicrography – Leica DFC550

Users requiring the greatest detail from their images benefit from the high-quality resolution offered by the Leica DFC550: Up to 12.5 megapixels at a color depth of 42-bit RGB is possible as a result of 36 partial exposures. Now, even the subtlest structures and color shades can be visually observed and digitally recorded. By using a patented pixel shifting technology - also called microscanning - absolutely clean high quality images can be created without interpolation artefacts.

Brilliant for Fluorescence – Leica DFC450 C with Active Cooling System

Specific applications like forensic analysis of fibers or analyses of fissures and pores require the use of fluorescent dyes. The Leica DFC450 C color microscope camera is perfectly suited for these applications thanks to the active cooling system. The Peltier cooling reduces noise for imaging in low light conditions. The large SXGA (1280 x 960 pixels) live image provides up to 18 frames per second (fps) and allows the sample to be adjusted and focused directly on the computer screen. The camera offers newly patented grayscale image modes and additional binning mode for unsurpassed results in bright fluorescence applications.

Leica DMshare for Wireless Live Image Transfer

Leica DMshare provides a live display of what you and the camera can see wirelessly on one or multiple iPads. Live display makes it easy to visualize images and share the microscope experience with others. This feature is enhanced further when multiple users are connected to the same camera – an excellent setup for teaching and discussion.

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