Results of the “Metallography” survey

In our first newsletter of this year we illuminated the subject of metallography and introduced various microscopy systems as central tools. In the accompanying survey we wanted to find out more about your everyday routine in metallography and were particularly interested in your assessment of future trends in microscopy. Here are the results:

Our readers mostly use microscope systems for grain size analysis and film thickness measurement, although an increasing number use them for phase analysis, too. The most important standard by far is DIN EN ISO 645, followed by ASTM E 112 and DIN 50602. A remarkable 32% of readers work primarily to in-house standards or to standards agreed with their customers.

Our readers do not only use microscopy systems for metallographic examinations. Over half of companies use microscopes in other areas as well, notably for inline inspections.

Finally, we wanted to know how you envisage the microscope systems of the future. The majority of readers see a trend toward more automated features, especially in result analysis. Many of you also expect further digitization in microscope systems. With a view to the nano materials that need examining, you put high-resolution optics on your wish list, too.

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