Review: 47th Metallography Conference of the German Society of Materials Science

The Metallography Conference of the German Society of Materials Science (DGM) attracts a large number of experts every year. The lectures and workshops given by high-caliber speakers at last year’s conference, the 47th, provided plenty of topics for specialist discussions.

For the first time, the conference provided a timeframe for participants to visit workshops or product presentations of the exhibiting companies. As many events took place in sequence, all participants had the opportunity to see a wide range of presentations. At the Leica Microsystems booth, Dr. Nicol Ecke, Team Leader Sales Industry Application, and Markus Auernhammer, Application Specialist Industry, presented light-microscopic examination and analysis methods in metallography, giving insights into various illumination techniques.

One focus of the workshop was on oblique illumination and so-called Advanced Darkfield. Oblique illumination does not illuminate the sample vertically from above, but from the side, revealing small elevations that would not have been visible in ordinary incident light. Advanced darkfield is a further development of darkfield for which the incident light axis of the Leica DM2700 M materials microscope was redesigned and finely aligned to the new darkfield reflector cubes and the new darkfield objectives. The images produced with advanced darkfield as opposed to simple darkfield feature greater intensity and clarity. Even the finest flank structures are visualized. Compared with conventional darkfield objectives, the working distance is almost twice as large, enhancing the safety of the sample and the front lens.

Further information on the conference can be found on the DGM website (in German only):

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