Save 90% of the time when doing materials analysis

The new DM6 M LIBS microscope for materials analysis from Leica Microsystems allows you to analyze the 2 main characteristics of a material in 1 work step, i.e., microstructure and composition. The microscope has an integrated laser spectroscopy (LIBS) function and delivers the chemical composition of any microstructure that you see in the field of view within a second. Compared to typical downstream analysis with electron microscopy, this solution saves you up to 90% of the time.

“According to what we hear from our customers, this new way of working made possible with the DM6 M LIBS solution can replace a long-established and accepted effort-intensive workflow in almost all areas of application,” says Markus Lusser, President of Leica Microsystems. “We at Leica Microsystems are proud to have again challenged the standard and now offer a real game changer. The new workflow is considerably faster and thus more economical. The solution reduces production costs and gives the opportunity to extend tests, increasing the quality of the results and ultimately of the final products."

The smart 2-in-1 system eliminates the need for sample transfer and the time for sample preparation and set up for electron microscopy. All the relevant information to make the right decisions during inspection is available within seconds. With the DM6 M LIBS solution, users can focus in on a material structure of interest, then trigger the LIBS analysis with a single click. The sample remains in air during the entire analysis. The resulting spectra show the fingerprints of the elements present in the area investigated. The chemical composition will be precisely identified.

Materials inspection is important for quality control, failure analysis and research and development in multiple industries and fields, like metal alloy, automotive, electronics, and materials science. 

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