Save time for 2D and 3D analysis

Leica Microsystems introduces LAS, the new streamlined software user interface for the DVM6 digital microscope. Together, they facilitate the acquisition of 2D and 3D scanned images in significantly less time.

Users are able to do detailed component analysis for R&D, QC, and failure analysis (FA) quickly using the DVM6 system and LAS It guides users through image acquisition, measurements, and report generation, providing an efficient workflow and reliable reproducibility of results. LAS provides a straightforward operation for the DVM6 system for faster completion of work steps.

A quick look at the advantages users have when doing component analysis with the DVM6 microscope and LAS

  • Fast and intuitive navigation with predefined tasks
  • Attain reliable results rapidly thanks to integrated intelligent algorithms which accelerate the optimization of microscope parameters, e.g., the optics, illumination, and stage settings
  • Easy acquisition of 2D and 3D images using interactive scan points to quickly define a scan area or volume

More information about the DVM6 and LAS is available here.

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