Save time in recurring tasks – Work with overlays

Overlays are a simple way to establish guided workflows for microscope operators carrying out routine inspections or recurring tasks. But what exactly is an overlay? 

An overlay is simply a customized image file, for example a crosshair on a transparent backround or customized shapes that represent prominent details in your sample. This image is then superimposed on the microscope’s live-image and serves as your inspection template. With overlays, operators can quickly and reliably check if samples are in line with a defined standard. 

The DMS series now offers optimized features to make working with overlays even more efficient than before.  

Benefits of overlays in routine work

  • Step-by-step inspection workflows. Guide the operator with a sequence of overlays through the inspection. The DMS can read up to 99 overlays directly from SD card. 
  • Fast go / no-go inspection. Quickly check if a part or component conforms to specifications or not.
  • Define inspection areas. In order to keep operators focused on a specific area of the sample you can mask-out details that are not relevant.
  • Tailored inspection protocols on SD cards. Save sets of overlays, specific to the inspection of a certain part, on SD card. If parts change, simply change SD cards.

Configure your DMS microscope for quality control inspections and other variance comparisons with customized overlays. Please make sure your DMS is updated with the latest firmware so that you can benefit from our latest overlay features.

Do you want to see how easy it is to create a customized overlay? We have prepared a how-to video that explains overlay creation with a free image editing software and using it in conjunction with the DMS digital microscope.

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