Scanning stage for 4-slides & Scanning stage for 8-slides for Leica DM4000-6000 B

  • Automatic and high-precision positioning of samples
  • Suitable for reflected light/fluorescence and transmitted light applications with Leica upright research microscopes DM4000-6000   
  • New generation with flat design due to lowered motor axis for user-friendly operation
  • Exchangeable stage inserts, depending on user’s applications (e.g. stage insert for 4 slides or for multi-well plate)
  • Motor cable connection located ergonomically on the back left side
  • Integrated in Leica Software and Leica control units SmartMove and STP6000
  • Adjustable limit switches for individual adjustment of the travel range of the stage

Upright Research Microscopes from Leica Microsystems

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