Shadow-free Illumination for Bored Holes and Recesses: Leica LED5000 NVI und LED3000 NVI

The problem is that tools or illumination accessories cast shadows. And with small working distances it’s difficult to find room for the illumination.

The Leica LED5000 NVI (Near Vertical Illumination) integrates two powerful LEDs very close to the optical path so that the light falls onto the sample almost vertically. Deep bores and cavities are shadow-free and can be imaged with stunning clarity.

“Originally, near-vertical illumination comes from surgical microscopy,” explains Product Manager Matthias Schacht. “Many of our customers in industry have therefore been working with the Leica M651 Surgical Microscope to get an optimal view of samples with recesses. The Leica LED5000 NVI we are now offering is a high-performance modular illuminator that fits on all high end stereo microscopes, whereas the Leica LED3000 NVI for the M-series stereo microscopes.”

The strengths of the Leica LED5000 NVI are particularly apparent when used on high-performance microscopes with high-magnification objectives such as the PLAN APO 1.6x or 2x. In spite of the short working distance between the objectives and the sample, the light falls into the recesses shadow-free. The sample is still freely accessible as there is no external illumination accessory to get in the way.

For viewing metal samples there is an optional polarization set which reduces reflections on shiny surfaces and enhances efficiency in routine inspection.

“Users preferring a different color temperature can put any commercially available filter into the integrated filter insert,” explains Matthias Schacht. “This is useful for generating the light characteristics of a halogen light source, for instance.”

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