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The SMD FCS wizard: quantitative <i>in vivo</i> cell biology made easy

The wizard supports

  • the sequence of the image acquisition
  • the optimization of the FCS measurement conditions
  • the positioning of FCS measurement spots in 3 dimensions (xyz or xzy)
  • the performance of the FCS measurement

Thereby, hardware settings for imaging and FCS are independent from each other. This comprehensive software protocol allows the user to control all aspects of the experiment.

Special features

  • Nested FCS time series at multiple FCS measurement spots allow setting up complex experiments.
  • For the first time, highly precise positioning on membranes and vesicles is possible: FCS measurement points can be defined in xyz image stacks.
  • During a running FCS time series, control images can be acquired automatically. Any change of the specimen during an FCS time series becomes visible.
  • Permanent data quality evaluation is possible due to continuous display of online correlation curve, count rate and counts per molecule.
  • The SMD FCS wizard can be used for other point measurements as well: FCCS, FLCS, FLCCS und gated FCS .
  • APD imaging is supported.

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