The SMD FLIM wizard: complex experiments easily run

Using this wizard the user defines and optimizes all relevant parameters for FLIM acquisition. These settings are transferred to SymPhoTime software and automatically used by it.

The SMD FLIM wizard offers a variety of FLIM scan modules to set up for more complex sequences of FLIM data acquisition. Furthermore, all photon events are fed back to LAS AF permitting easy optimization of data quality and automated brightness control.

Special features

  • FLIM volume stacks (xyz and xzy) give information about the lifetime distribution in thicker samples such as tissues and small organisms
  • With FLIM time series the researcher can follow dynamic changes of fluorescence lifetimes, especially in live cells and tissues
  • Slow dynamics in thicker samples can be followed by combining volume stacks and time series
  • For characterization of special lifetime properties an automated spectral FLIM stack can be acquired
  • Automated brightness control provides maximum data reliability. This unique feature generates images with pre-defined brightness
  • During FLIM acquisition an online Fast-FLIM image display already yields information about data quality

Application example: 3D reconstruction of FLIM z-stack
Automated 3D-FLIM stacks were acquired using the SMD FLIM-wizard. The autofluorescence FLIM data reveal complex geometrics. The 3D reconstruction was done using external software.

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