Tracking Down the Culprit. Leica Microsystems Exhibits at the International General Police Exhibition and Conference (GPEC) in Leipzig, Germany

September 9 to 11: Together with Attestor Forensics and PIC Systems, Leica Microsystems will be presenting a wide range of products and software solutions that cover every step from crime scene investigation to documentation at booth #G73 at the international General Police Equipment Exhibition and Conference (GPEC) in Leipzig, Germany. The GPEC is a specialized trade fair for the police equipment and security technology business and is exclusively for members of authorities and other public safety organizations.

Attestor Forensics sells investigating tools and analytical systems. As well as selling and servicing products of well-known manufacturers like Foster&Freeman, Attestor Forensics also designs and produces its own systems for improved forensic research. PIC Systems offers a wide range of complex yet easy-to-use image management systems that focus on the customer’s specific demands for visualizing, documenting, presenting and recording investigative data. In combination with state-of-the-art microscope solutions like the digital microscope system Leica DMS1000 for inspection, observation and measurement and the stereo microscope Leica M205 C for precise, accurate and reproducible results in forensic investigations, Leica Microsystems offers a full documentation system, supporting forensic scientists in their daily working routine.

Besides the opportunity to see several instruments for forensic applications, visitors will also have the chance to receive a complete solution for certifying their trace laboratory to ISO 17025.

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