Uncovering Every Trace

The motorized comparison microscope Leica FS4000 LED provides magnifications up to 1500x for direct comparison of two samples. It provides crisp visualization of the tiniest differences in microstructure, texture, and color. All functions can be conveniently controlled by the keys on the automated comparison bridge: full left/right image, split-image comparison with variable dividing line, and superimposed image. Factory-balanced optics and illumination systems allow optimized examination and real-time sample comparison.

The motorized comparison macroscope Leica FS C is designed for a large number of forensic investigations, that include ballistics, toolmark, document comparison, and more. Various imaging modes (split-image, superimposed image, and full left/right image) can be set at the press of a button. The five x2 APO macro objectives are parfocal and telecentric, achieving top optical performance for revealing the tiniest details. Together with the motorized magnification changer (factor 1.5x), there are ten permanently calibrated magnification steps. Special sample holders such as large-format stages (size A4) tilting stages, bullet and cartridge case holders, and various mounts for different objects complete the system.

The comparison microscope Leica FS CB features a motorized comparison bridge that connects two Leica DM series microscopes. The bridge has an ergonomic adjustable observation tube for maximum viewing comfort. The Leica FS CB is ideal for all microscopic examinations requiring direct, high-precision comparison of two objects at magnifications of up to 1500x. The compact Leica FS CB has an extremely small footprint, offering a cost-effective solution for forensic investigations of trace evidence.

The modular Leica M205 C is the world’s first stereomicroscope with a 20.5:1 zoom that achieves an optical resolution of 0,952 micrometer. FusionOptic, the combination of maximum field depth and high resolution, gives the examiner a very detailed view of the sample and view the whole sample or specific details with a single instrument. Here you can see a video demonstrating the functions of the Leica M205 C.

Leica Application Suite (LAS), the software platform for all microscopes and digital cameras of Leica Microsystems, offers a large number of software modules for forensics. The LAS Montage module delivers high-quality multi-focus images at high recording speeds. Images recorded in difficult light conditions or images of very shiny specimens can be post-processed to obtain artifact-free results. The optional 3D Viewer produces a 3D surface model that can be displayed or illuminated from any angle for a close-up view of details. Due to the color-coded height profile, areas of similar height are easily recognized.

Leica DFC cameras are the perfect choice for accurately documenting the results of microscope examinations. The fast firewire connection ensures a fast live image display.

As success or failure in identifying relevant evidence often depends on illumination, Leica Microsystems offers an extensive modular illumination system. The UV ring lamp with black light is ideal for examining documents, while the mini ring light is perfect for evaluating cartridge cases. Coaxial illumination is useful for examining metallic and highly reflective objects.

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