Usability Champion Leica DVM6

Wetzlar, Germany. The Leica DVM6 digital microscope has been recognized with the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. This "Honourable Mention" was given to Leica Microsystems' most recent addition to their digital microscope range for its pure and simple design. The Leica DVM6 was specifically designed to include intuitive and fast operation so that quality assurance and quality control professionals can make the right decisions quickly. The instrument will be exhibited live at the Control 2016 conference in Stuttgart, Germany from April 26 to 29.

"The optical quality and usability of the Leica DVM6 digital microscope is outstanding," explains Markus Lusser, President of Leica Microsystems. "The design was driven by our users' requirements: Speed, high level of automation, and versatility. This helps them save time, simplify workflows and inspire confidence in operating the system with minimal training. We are delighted this has been recognized by the international expert panel of the Red Dot Design Award"

The Red Dot Award ceremony will take place July 4, 2016 in Essen. All award-winning products will be exhibited in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen. They will be presented in a special exhibition “Design on Stage” for four weeks before becoming part of the permanent exhibition.

Leica DVM6 and more at the Leica Microsystems booth at Control 

Digital microscopy plays an increasingly important role in quality control. One focus area at ‘Control’, the international trade fair for quality assurance in Stuttgart, is how digital microscopes can support users in quality control and assurance as well as failure analysis. Along with the Leica DVM6, visitors of the Leica Microsystems booth 1712 in hall 1 will have the chance to see and try out the Leica DCM8 optical profiler for surface metrology and the Leica DMS1000 digital microscope for inspection and measurement in manufacturing and quality control.

Visitors of Control can also learn about the benefits of an inverted microscope system such as the Leica DMi8, which gives users great freedom to position samples up to 80 mm height and 8 kg weight. Another exhibit will be the Leica EM TIC 3X ion beam milling for high-quality cross-sections that reveal the internal structures of the sample with scarcely any deformation or damage.

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