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Visual Inspection with the Stereomicroscope

Every photographer knows the value of a polarization filter for absorbing disturbing light reflections – whether from water surfaces or shiny metals. But light reflections can be a serious problem in industry, too. For example, reflecting incident light makes it considerably more difficult to inspect circuit boards, electronic components and other metal workpieces. It is almost impossible to inspect a sample swiftly and accurately if light reflections prevent a clear view.

A simple and efficient solution is to use a polarization set on the stereomicroscope. The filter can be steplessly regulated and individually adjusted for each sample. By rotating the filter through 90 degrees, its effect can be varied between 0 and 100 per cent. The surface of the sample immediately appears clear, vivid and full of contrast. Any material defects or other visible flaws can be identified quickly and confidently. For employees that have to work at the microscope for long periods of time, this means significantly less eye strain and improved working conditions. For  the company, it means substantial improvements in efficiency and enhanced work quality.

Many Leica stereomicroscopes can be retrofitted to offer these benefits: The polarization set is an optional accessory for the Leica ring lights LED3000 RL and LED5000 RL. An investment that pays off very quickly.

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