Webinar: Study Cellular Dynamics with 1 ms precision

By combining optical and electrical simulation with high-pressure freezing it is now possible to capture fast cellular dynamics with millisecond precision. In a webinar on March 29 Dr. Shigeki Watanabe and Dr. Frédéric Leroux will present results of recent studies that demonstrate how this new method can help to resolve controversial questions in neurobiology.

The method turns Electron Micrographs in stop motion pictures of neural communication, with nanometer resolution. This makes it the most reliable way of capturing and imaging action potential and membrane trafficking events. 

The webinar will cover

  • How optogenetics coupled with high-pressure freezing can make this possible
  • How to implement electrical stimulation and why it is superior to light stimulation
  • The importance of sample processing
  • The challenges you would face while freezing different types of samples

Registration for the free webinar is now open. The live webcast of the webinar starts on the March 29 at 4pm London time. This is 5pm Berlin time, 11am Boston time and 8am San Diego time.

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