Which microscope works best for the classroom?

To provide a first orientation, Leica offers a table indicating which microscope is suitable for beginners, explorers, or advance users in life sciences, earth sciences, material sciences, or forensic sciences. 

Compare instruments and their configurations

Who would like to dive deeper into the details will find a pdf resource helpful that compares the instruments and their configurations which Leica Microsystems offers for schools and universities.

Which microscope for education?

"Teachers often ask me which microscope I would recommend for, say a biology class or in forensics education. But I have made the experience that a lot of them already have a fairly good idea which performance they expect from an instrument. The new overview will provide them with as much detail as they need," says Vince Vaccarelli, Product Manager for Leica Microsystems’ range of educational microscopes.

"In addition to that, our application team happy to help with any questions which may arise.”

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