Confocal Reimagined:  
New STELLARIS Confocal Platform

In microscopy, our mission is to empower you to drive progress in science. To get you closer to the truth, we have re-imagined the confocal microscope. 

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The synergy between the new generation of Power HyD detectors, the completely optimized beam path, and the unique White Light Laser gives you perfected imaging performance. Your answers are clearer, derived from brighter signals, more contrast and astounding detail from even multiple low abundance labels. Our new Power HyD detectors provide you with:

  • Enhanced image quality: STELLARIS provides an ideal combination of brightness, resolution and contrast.
  • Complete spectral freedom:   Our next-generation White Light Lasers which allow a perfect match to the fluorochrome allows you to simultaneously use up to 8 single excitation lines from 440 nm to 790 nm.
  • Gentle Live Cell Imaging:  Preserve your sample’s integrity through efficient signal acquisition at the lowest required levels of illumination

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Traditional Confocal. Mitotic COS7 Cells – Cyan: H2B/Yellow: Mitotic Spindle/Red: Golgi/Green: Mitochondria/Magenta: Actin.

STELLARIS. Mitotic COS7 Cells – Cyan: H2B/Yellow: Mitotic Spindle/Red: Golgi/Green: Mitochondria/Magenta: Actin.


STELLARIS includes our new and unique TauSense technology allowing you to extract a new dimension of information from every sample and increase the scientific impact of your research using lifetime-based data to explore the function of molecules in their cellular context.  Our new TauSense technology gives you access to:

  • New Dimension of Imaging:  TauContrast gives you immediate access to functional information such as metabolic status, pH and ion concentration
  • Improve Image Quality:  Maximize detection efficiency by removing unwanted autofluorescence while preserving the desired signal with TauGating
  • Multiplex Beyond Spectral Options:  Separate species with TauSeparation even when their emissions fully overlap

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Traditional Confocal



STELLARIS uses its new ImageCompass new smart user interface to provide users with an easier and intuitive way to set up even the most complex experiments.  Additionally, your confocal experiments are optimized with our LIGHTNING Super Resolution technology and our NAVIGATOR sample overview.

  • Simply Fast:  Superb image quality in real-time and at full speed by combining Super Resolution LIGHTNING, our resonant scanner, and our new rolling average
  • Intuitive User Interface:  ImageCompass guides you from your experiment setup through acquisition
  • Streamlined Experiment Set Up:  Easily be in full control of your experimental setup with a few clicks

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STELLARIS 5 delivers the very best of our platform. It is a completely re-imagined core system that sets a new standard for confocal microscopy. It is the only confocal system with an integrated WLL, combined with our proprietary Acousto-Optical Beam Splitter (AOBS) and new Power HyD S detectors. Together with the new and unique TauSense technology, STELLARIS 5 sets a new standard for the quality of images and quantity of information generated. This perfected imaging performance is easily attainable thanks to the smart user interface, ImageCompass, which guides you through your experiment set up and acquisition in an easy and intuitive manner.


STELLARIS 8 is a forward-looking system, offering all the benefits of the STELLARIS 5 core system plus added functionality thanks to an extended spectrum WLL and specialized detector options of the Power HyD family. This allows you to expand the range of confocal applications in your research. STELLARIS 8 can be combined with all Leica Microsystems modalities, including FAst Lifetime CONtrast (FALCON), Deep In Vivo Explorer (DIVE), and STED. STELLARIS 8 new features maximize the potential of these modalities and gives you the power and potential to set new standards for research.

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