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Get the Full Picture For Surface Metrology

Highly accurate surface analysis is essential in multiple industrial and research environments today in order to ensure optimal performance of materials and components.

For the highest lateral resolution confocal microscopy is often the technique of choice, but interferometry is required to reach sub-nanometer vertical resolution, so which option to choose?

Leica Microsystems is proud to bring you the solution – the Leica DCM8

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New two-in-one 3D Optical Surface Metrology System

The versatile Leica DCM8 unites confocal microscopy and interferometry with large Field of View, intuitive software and true color imaging. Together these features enable you to acquire the full picture of each sample quickly, easily and precisely, communicate results clearly and thus optimize material performance.

Your Benefits

Versatile and Accurate – to meet your specific surface metrology needs

  • Confocal microscopy for optimal lateral resolution and interferometry for Z resolution to 0.1 nm
  • Large Field of View plus image stitching for characterization of even larger surface areas
  • Full color imaging for clear, true-to-life visualization of results

Fast and Simple – less time and effort for maximum results

  • No need to prepare samples or change instruments
  • Microdisplay technology for fast, vibration-free scanning
  • Simple and intuitive Leica software for rapid data acquisition and analysis

Durable and low maintenance – saving you money

  • No moving parts in the scan head significantly reduces maintenance
  • LED light technology for long lifetime
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