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Sistema de microscopio digital Leica DMS300

  • Microscopios para la industria energética, minera y de recursos naturales

    Nuestra prioridad es siempre potenciar las infraestructuras del planeta sin descuidar la sostenibilidad. Leica Microsystems dispone de soluciones de microscopía potentes y personalizables para…
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  • Microscopios para la industria del automóvil y el transporte

    En Leica, queremos ser sus colaboradores más fiables y guiarle hacia las mejores soluciones para la formación de imágenes, de modo que pueda permanecer por delante de sus competidores. Nuestras…
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  • Semiconductor Wafer Processing, IC Packaging & Testing

    Leica Microsystems’ customized, modular imaging solutions help suppliers and device manufacturers achieve fast and precise inspection and analysis for wafer processing, IC packaging, IC assembly, and…
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  • What You Always Wanted to Know About Digital Microscopy, but Never Got Around to Asking

    Digital microscopy is one of the buzz words in microscopy – and there are a couple of facts that are useful to know. Georg Schlaffer, Product Manager with Leica Microsystems, has often been asked…
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  • Key Factors for Efficient Cleanliness Analysis

    In the automobile industry, even the smallest particles on single components can cause malfunctioning. Fuel, lubricant and urea filter systems are particularly vulnerable. Component cleanliness has…
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  • Clean Parts – More Reliable and Longer Lifetime

    In the automotive industry, the technical cleanliness of function-critical individual and system components has become an increasingly critical criterion for reliability and service life. This trend…
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  • Technical Cleanliness in the Production of Automotive Components

    Interview with Dr. Michael Härtel, head of the materials testing laboratory at Continental Automotive GmbH, Powertrain Division, Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany
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