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Microscopios verticales de polarización Leica DM4 P, DM2700 P & DM750 P

  • Microscopios para la industria energética, minera y de recursos naturales

    Nuestra prioridad es siempre potenciar las infraestructuras del planeta sin descuidar la sostenibilidad. Leica Microsystems dispone de soluciones de microscopía potentes y personalizables para…
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  • Microscopios para geología, ciencia medioambiental, paleontología y ciencias geológicas

    Los microscopios Leica para investigación en geología, ciencia medioambiental, paleontología y ciencias geológicas son soluciones de adquisición de imágenes potentes y modulares para obtener…
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  • Microscopios para ciencias de los materiales, física e ingeniería

    Con los sistemas de microscopía de alta calidad para instituciones científicas, podrá estar a la vanguardia de la investigación sobre materiales, física e ingeniería. Para ayudarle en sus…
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  • Micropolarimetric Analysis of Guard Cell Walls in M. Koenigii versus De Novo Localized Starch Granules in Freshly-Isolated Potato Tuber

    Polarized light microscopy (PLM) has often been utilized in the fields of geology and the material sciences with significant implications in determining the mineral compositions and structures of…
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  • Metallography – an Introduction

    Metallography is the study of the microstructure of all types of metallic alloys. It can be more precisely defined as the scientific discipline of observing and determining the chemical and atomic…
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  • Metallography with Color and Contrast

    The examination of microstructure morphology plays a decisive role in materials science and failure analysis. There are many possibilities of visualizing the real structures of materials in the light…
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  • Polarization Contrast

    Polarization microscopy is routinely applied in material sciences and geology to identify minerals on the basis of characteristic refraction properties and colors. In biology, polarization microscopy…
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  • Exclusive Aesthetics of Nature

    Gemstones have fascinated people for thousands of years. Rulers and kings used to demonstrate their power and wealth with jewel-studded insignia. Although fine jewellery is still a status symbol of…
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  • Quality as Clear as Glass - Polarizing Microscopy in Glass Production

    An exquisite beverage deserves a high-quality glass. Even the ancient Romans made artistically crafted drinking glasses. In the Middle Ages, Venetian glassmakers were famous for the purity of their…
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