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Polytype Transformation by Replication of Stacking Faults Formed by Two-dimensional Nucleation on Spiral Steps during SiC Solution Growth
Shunta Harada, Alex ander, Kazuaki Seki, Yuji Yamamoto, Can Zhu, Yuta Yamamoto, Shigeo Arai, Jun Yamasaki, Nobuo Tanaka, Toru Ujihara (2012)
Crystal Growth & Design p. 120518122204002

Thermodynamic study and re-assessment of the Ge-Ni system
Shan Jin, Christian Leinenbach, Jiang Wang, Liliana I. Duarte, Simona Delsante, Gabriella Borzone, Andrew Scott, Andrew Watson (2012)

The influence of Ag substitution for Cu on glass-forming ability and thermal properties of Mg-based bulk metallic glasses
Leilei Zhang, Ran Li, Jianfeng Wang, Huiyan Zhang, Nengbin Hua, Tao Zhang (2012)
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids

Aluminum induced formation of SiGe alloy in Ge/Si/Al thin film structure
Emil V. Jelenkovic, O. Kutsay, Shrawan K. Jha, K.C. Tam, P.F. Lee, I. Bello (2011)
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids

Ultrathin films of variable polarity and crystallinity obtained from 1,2-polybutadiene nanoparticle dispersions.
Maria Carmen Morant-Miñana, Brigitte Korthals (2011)
Langmuir: the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids 27 (12) p. 7516-23

Inkjet printing and low temperature sintering of CuO and CdS as functional electronic layers and Schottky diodes
Nenad Marjanovic, Jens Hammerschmidt, Jolke Perelaer, Stan Farnsworth, Ian Rawson, Mahmut Kus, Esma Yenel, Serhad Tilki, Ulrich S. Schubert, Reinhard R. Baumann (2011)
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (35) p. 13634

Influence of withdrawal rate on the microstructure of Ni-base single-crystal superalloys containing Re and Ru
Gang Liu, Lin Liu, Cheng Ai, Bingming Ge, Jun Zhang, Hengzhi Fu (2011)
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Growth and characterization of Ca5(BO3)3F fiber crystals, a new nonlinear optical material for UV light generation
N. Kozhaya, M. Ferriol, M. Cochez, M. Aillerie, A. Maillard (2011)
Optical Materials 33 (11) p. 1621-1625

Thermochemistry of RPdAl (R = rare earth metal) intermetallics
S. Delsante, S. Amore (2011)
Intermetallics 19 (4) p. 563-566

Organic solvent-induced controllable crystallization of the inorganic salt Na3[Au(SO3)2] into ultralong nanobelts and hierarchical microstructures of nanowires.
Sen Liu, Jingqi Tian, Lei Wang, Hailong Li, Xuping Sun (2011)
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The mechanism of fiber cutting during enzymatic hydrolysis of wood biomass
Kimberley Clarke, Xinping Li, Kecheng Li (2011)
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Microstructure and Phase Evolution in Laser Cladding of Ni/Cu/Al Multilayer on Magnesium Substrates
T. M. Yue, T. Li, X. Lin (2009)
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 41 (1) p. 212-223

Supramolecular interactions playing an integral role in the near-infrared Raman "excitonic" enhancement observed in ß-hematin (malaria pigment) and other related heme derivatives.
Ratchadaporn Puntharod, Grant T Webster, Mehdi Asghari-Khiavi, Keith R Bambery, Feryal Safinejad, Shadi Rivadehi, Steven J Langford, Kenneth J Haller, Bayden R Wood (2010)
The journal of physical chemistry. B 114 (37) p. 12104-15

Thermodynamic Investigation of the Ni-Rich Side of the Ni-P System
Simona Delsante, Clemens Schmetterer, Herbert Ipser, Gabriella Borzone (2010)
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Wetting behavior and interfacial characteristic of Sn-Ag-Cu solder alloy on Cu substrate
XiaoRui Zhang, ZhangFu Yuan, HongXin Zhao, LiKun Zang, JianQiang Li (2010)
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Wear-resistant and transparent acrylate-based coating with highly filled nanosilica particles
Hui Zhang, Longcheng Tang, Zhong Zhang, Lei Gu, Youzhong Xu, Christian Eger (2010)
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On the influence of small quantities of Bi and Sb on the evolution of microstructure during swaging and heat treatments in copper
F. Otto, J. Frenzel, G. Eggeler (2011)
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Origins of Taiwan’s mud volcanoes: Evidence from geochemistry
Chih-Hsien Sun, Sen-Chi Chang, Cheng-Lung Kuo, Jong-Chang Wu, Ping-Hua Shao, Jung-Nan Oung (2010)
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 37 (2) p. 105-116