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PAULA, ¿cómo están hoy mis células?

Generador inteligente de imágenes de células PAULA

  • Cultivo celular

    Cultivar células en condiciones de laboratorio es la base del trabajo de los científicos en campos como la biología celular, la investigación del cáncer, la biología del desarrollo y cualquier otra…
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  • Imagen de célula viva

    Con un cambio de perspectiva desde componentes individuales del microscopio a una solución de captura y procesamiento de imágenes de células vivas totalmente operativa, Leica Microsystems integra…
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  • How can PAULA help streamline the workflow for my wound healing assay?

    The wound healing assay, often used as a synonym for scratch assay or migration assay, is an important tool for the evaluation and measurement of cell migration, whether single cells or cell…
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  • MDCK cells, Phase Contrast, red outlines are marking the cell borders. Courtesy of Prof. Ralf Jacob, University of Marburg, Germany

    Confluency Check with PAULA Cell Imager

    Many cell-based experiments require cells in a certain state. This can include their morphology,  fluorescent protein expression, and the confluency of the cell layer. Researchers check their cells…
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  • Mammalian cells can be distinguished according to their morphology. Fibroblasts (left) have a bipolar or multipolar shape. Epithelial-like cells (middle) show more regular dimensions and lymphoblast-like cells (right) are round and grow in suspension.

    Introduction to Mammalian Cell Culture

    Mammalian cell culture is one of the basic pillars of life sciences. Without the ability to grow cells in the lab, the fast progress in disciplines like cell biology, immunology, or cancer research…
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  • How to do a Proper Cell Culture Quick Check

    In order to successfully work with mammalian cell lines, they must be grown under controlled conditions and require their own specific growth medium. In addition, to guarantee consistency their growth…
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