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Publications 2017

Direct Writing on Copper Ion Doped Silica Films by Electrogeneration of Metallic Microstructures
Kandory A, Cattey H, Saviot L, Gharbi T, Vigneron J, et. al.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
2017 vol: 121 (2) pp: 1129-1139

Publications 2016

Nuclear myosin I regulates cell membrane tension
Tomáš Venit, Alžběta Kalendová, Martin Petr, Rastislav Dzijak, Lukáš Pastorek, Jana Rohožková, Jakub Malohlava & Pavel Hozák
Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 30864 (2016)

Influence of platelet-derived growth factor on osseous remodeling properties of a variable-thread tapered dental implant in vivo
Kämmerer, Peer W;  Schiegnitz, Eik;  Palarie, Victor;  Dau, Michael;  Frerich, Bernhard et al. (2016)
Clinical oral implants research

Publications 2015

Osseoconductivity of a Specific Streptavidin-Biotin-Fibronectin Surface Coating of Biotinylated Titanium Implants - A Rabbit Animal Study
Kämmerer, Peer W;  Lehnert, Michael;  Al-Nawas, Bilal;  Kumar, Vinay V;  Hagmann, Sebastien et al. (2015)
Clinical implant dentistry and related research vol. 17 Suppl 2 p. e601-12

Vertical bone augmentation induced by ultrathin hydroxyapatite sputtered coated mini titanium implants in a rabbit calvaria model
Wang, Xin;  Zakaria, Osama;  Madi, Marwa;  Hao, Jia;  Chou, Joshua et al. (2015)
Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B, Applied biomaterials vol. 103 (8) p. 1700-8

Publications 2013

Salivary gland cell differentiation and organization on micropatterned PLGA nanofiber craters
David A Soscia, Sharon J Sequeira, Robert A Schramm, Kavitha Jayarathanam, Shraddha I Cantara, Melinda Larsen, James Castracane (2013)
Biomaterials 34 (28) p. 6784-6773

Vertical osteoconductivity and early bone formation of titanium-zirconium and titanium implants in a subperiosteal rabbit animal model
Peer W Kämmerer, Victor Palarie, Eik Schiegnitz, Sebastien Hagmann, Abdulmonem Alshihri, Bilal Al-Nawas (2013)
Clinical oral implants research

Publications 2012

Crystal growth of PZN-PT single crystals and critical issues for higher piezoelectric coefficient
B. Srimathy, R. Jayavel, S. Ganesamoorthy, I. Bhaumik, A. K. Karnal, V. Natarajan, E. Varadarajan, J. Kumar (2012)
Crystal Research and Technology

Publications 2011

Vertical Bone Augmentation with Simultaneous Dental Implantation Using Crestal Biomaterial Rings: A Rabbit Animal Study
Florian G Draenert, Peer W Kämmerer, Victor Palarie, Wilfried Wagner (2011)
Clinical implant dentistry and related research