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Intrasurgical OCT EnFocus

Positioning of donor membrane revealed during DMEK surgery

During DMEK surgery, accurate donor membrane positioning and full adherence to the stroma are crucial to patient outcomes. EnFocus intrasurgical OCT can reveal more information to support each stage of the procedure. 

Membrane peeling supported from start to finish

In this case EnFocus intrasurgical OCT supports identification of an epiretinal membrane (ERM) causing vitreomacular traction (VMT). OCT visualization helps guide intrasurgical decision-making and assesment of successful completion.

Great by design

Great by design

The EnFocus system was purpose-designed for intrasurgical imaging. It maximises OCT image performance by injecting the OCT signal below the optics carrier rather than through the microscope oculars. This provides maximum resolution, a fully centered and uniform OCT beam, plus OCT zoom and focus controls independent of microscope controls.