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Microscopio rovesciato per colture cellulari Leica DMi1

  • Imaging di cellule vive

    Spostando la prospettiva dai singoli componenti per microscopio a una soluzione completa, Leica Microsystems integra microscopio, software per l'imaging LAS X, fotocamere e componenti dedicati di…
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  • Coltura cellulare

    Crescere le cellule in laboratorio rappresenta la base per le attività scientifiche nei campi della biologia cellulare, ricerca sul cancro, biologia dello sviluppo e in diversi altri campi di ricerca…
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  • Introduction to Mammalian Cell Culture

    Mammalian cell culture is one of the basic pillars of life sciences. Without the ability to grow cells in the lab, the fast progress in disciplines like cell biology, immunology, or cancer research…
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  • Microscope Resolution: Concepts, Factors and Calculation

    In microscopy, the term ‘resolution’ is used to describe the ability of a microscope to distinguish detail. In other words, this is the minimum distance at which two distinct points of a specimen can…
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  • How to do a Proper Cell Culture Quick Check

    In order to successfully work with mammalian cell lines, they must be grown under controlled conditions and require their own specific growth medium. In addition, to guarantee consistency their growth…
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  • Optical Microscopes – Some Basics

    The optical microscope has been a standard tool in life science as well as material science for more than one and a half centuries now. To use this tool economically and effectively, it helps a lot to…
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