HC PL APO 10x/0,45 PH1

Article Number 11506411
Correction Ring (CORR) -
Coverglass With
Exit Pupil Position/DIC prism A
Field of View (FOV in mm) 25
Free Working Distance (WD in mm) 2.8
Immersion Dry
Iris Diaphragm Without
Magnification 10⨉
Contrasting Methodes TL-BF, TL-DIC, TL-DF, TL-PH, TL-IMC, FLUO
Numerical Aperture 0.45
Objective Thread M25
Objective Type PLAN APO
Spring Loaded No
Suitable for AFC (Adaptive Focus Control) AFC suitable
Techniques PH1
Transmission UV (340nm)
FigureHC PL APO 10x/0,45 PH1
Transmission CurveHC PL APO 10x/0,45 PH1
Dimension SheetHC PL APO 10x/0,45 PH1