Semiconductor Wafer Processing, IC Packaging, IC Assembly and Testing

Leica Microsystems’ customized, modular imaging solutions help suppliers and device manufacturers achieve fast and precise inspection and analysis for wafer processing, IC packaging, IC assembly, and testing.

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See details down to the nanoscale rapidly, high-resolution imaging

  • Confocal microscopy offers high lateral (down to 140 nm) and vertical resolution (down to 0.1 nm) with rapid image acquisition (seconds)
  • Customized modular imaging solutions
  • Achieve fast and accurate inspection
  • See more details in less time

Our imaging systems can deliver an accurate and rapid surface inspection and analysis of wafers to help ensure an optimal performance for your fabricated semiconductor devices.
However, there can be critical challenges when performing surface metrology: Wafer surfaces can have intricate structures with high slopes demanding an excellent lateral resolution or microscale peaks and valleys requiring sub-nanometer vertical resolution.

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Please contact us for expert advice on our microscopy solutions for semiconductor wafer processing and IC packaging.

View more with less effort, diverse contrast methods and top-notch optics

Our imaging systems allow you to visualize difficult-to-image wafer features more easily to achieve more efficient and accurate wafer inspection and quality control. The image quality in terms of contrast and level of detail easily seen depends strongly on the lighting and optics used.

So choosing the appropriate lighting contrast method and using maximally corrected, high performance optics is imperative. Different wafer and device features, e.g., coatings, contamination, scratches, and defects, are more enhanced with one lighting contrast method compared to another.

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Leica DVM6:

  • Perform fast 3D topographic surface analysis
  • Make measurements easily e.g. step height, area, volume, length.
  • Change magnification quickly from 12x to 4740x
  • Recall imaging parameters fast

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Leica EM TXP/ DM2700M:

  • Fast cross section visualisation of defect profiles, even for multilayer samples
  • Controlled step sequence during material cutting or polishing
  • Easy surface topography imaging with universal white light LED illumination
  • Consistent, reliable sample preparation and analysis

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Leica EM TIC 3X:

  • Target preparation device without any mechanical force induced
  • Three Ion Beams with high throughput and large working area
  • Integrated stereomicroscope and HD Camera for monitoring process

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High quality optics

High quality optics can make your wafer and semiconductor device inspection work more efficient, because you will see the fine details clearly with less effort. Leica Microsystems’ imaging systems use top-performing, award-winning optics which produce distortion free images. Optics can suffer from 2 types of aberration which require correction:

  • monochromatic (independent of the light’s wavelength [color]), such as astigmatism, coma, and field curvature
  • chromatic (dependent on the light’s wavelength)

Our optical designers and engineers provide optics which enable you to inspect wafers and devices with optimal contrast and resolution.

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