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Multidisciplinary Surgical Microscope PROvido

See more, simply!

PROvido provides you with a bright, fully-focused view deeper into narrow cavities. A challenge that occurs daily in Neurological & Spine procedures.

With exclusive Fusion Optics technology and concentrated xenon light PROvido unites advantages of premium surgical optics for the first time with a responsive, stable floor stand.

No need to search for vital details or constantly refocus. Work smoothly and confidently throughout your procedure with the PROvido multidisciplinary microscope that allows you to see more, simply.

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Discover The Benefits of Leica PROvido With FusionOptics

Speed - The View You Need is Fast

Meet the visualization needs of your procedure and your team at every moment with optics that are fast to set up and adjust.

  • Start fast with the SpeedSpot system that uses two laser beams as a focusing reference to quickly provide a defined focus point for surgeon, assistant, and camera
  • Quickly boost magnification by 40% with the optional Magnification Multiplier
  • Give your opposite assistant viewing flexibility with an independent fine focus
  • Accommodates different operating positions and body frames with a range of binoculars for main surgeon and assistant all with full 360°-rotation

Compact Surgical microscope M525 F20

  • The M525 F20 Neurosurgical microscope combines brilliant optical quality with superior maneuverability. The crisp, sharp images and large depth of field allow the surgeon to see precise details.
  • The working-distance-based illumination provides enough light for deep operative sites while supporting patient safety.

Smooth, Fine movements

  • The M525 F20’s maneuverable, compact design enables smooth, fine movements for better surgeon comfort and patient care.

Motorized MultiFoc lens

  • The motorized MultiFoc lens offers 207mm to 470mm working distance, which makes the microscope ideal for many types of surgical procedures.

Xenon illumination systems

  • Two independent 180W xenon illumination systems provide the surgeon a high degree of convenience and reliability.

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