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HyVolution 2 Leica Leica Microsystems
HyVolution 2 reveals minute detail in this 4 channel recording of COS-7 cells, BodipyFL Phallacidin (Actin), Alexa Fluor 568 F(ab')2 (Tubulin), Alexa Fluor 647 F(ab')2 (Mitochondria), DAPI (nuclei). Sample courtesy of Dr. Jana Doehner, Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis, University of Zürich, Switzerland

Fast super-resolution for every task

HyVolution 2 helps you turn your Leica TCS SP8 confocal system into a super-resolution system without compromise. With the photon budget afforded by Leica HyD hybrid detectors, you have the freedom to use HyVolution 2 with all standard fluorescence staining protocols and fluorescent proteins.

Seamless integration with Huygens by SVI: you have the freedom to use fast parallel processing on GPU. HyVolution 2 thus becomes part of the image acquisition process making it the fastest super-resolution system in every respect. 

Developed with our partners from SVI.



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Unlike super-resolution systems using a single external detection channel, HyVolution 2 integrates seamlessly with all confocal imaging modalities.

Therefore, you can record all five channels simultaneously – without the need for sequential scanning, which would only slow down the acquisition speed.

With HyVolution 2, you can study interactions of multiple molecules correctly at full speed.

Video: HyVolution in multicolor live cells. All three colors were acquired simultaneously (no sequential scanning) in 5D. HeLa Kyoto cells. GPI-YFP (yellow), H2B-mCherry (blue), Tubulin-SiR (red). 

Sample courtesy of Sabine Reither, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany.
Multicolor acquisition of a Leica TCS SP8 with multiple super-sensitive HyDs compared to a single channel fiber-coupled GaAs PMT.

Multiple colors in up to five channels simultaneously

HyVolution 2 allows multicolor acquisition with high speed. The filter-free spectral detection system of the Leica TCS SP8 can collect up to five simultaneous channels.

This allows much faster parallel data collection compared to single channel solution: You get eight multicolor images with a Leica TCS SP8 with HyVolution 2 in the same time that single-detector solutions take to provide only one single-color image.

Super-resolution going live

Standard confocal systems sacrifice speed for resolution.

HyVolution 2 does not limit the speed of image acquisition and also provides the full framerate of the Leica TCS SP8 (40 fps @ 512 x 512 pixels) with multicolor super-resolution.

This allows you to capture events that occur within milliseconds and observe cellular dynamics in great detail and with unprecedented sharpness.

HyVolution in multicolor live cells. All three colors were acquired simultaneously (no sequential scanning) in 5D. HeLa Kyoto cells. Golgi-GFP(green), GPI-YFP (yellow), H2B-mCherry (white). Sample courtesy of Sabine Reither, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany.
Leica Application Suite (LAS) X Microscope Software

Reproducible results with optimal settings

HyVolution 2 is integrated into the SP8 and thus facilitates imaging with optimal resolution.

  • Set up all resolution-relevant parameters using one slider
  • Integrated into online image acquisition – no post-processing needed
  • Manage large data sets created by time-lapse recording, Mark&Find or Tile Scan
  • Analyze HyVolution 2 images with the LAS X Quantify Tools

Don't spend your time waiting

Today‘s GPUs take HyVolution 2 to a new level when it comes to speed. HyVolution 2 fully supports CUDA by NVIDIA which leverages the highly parallelized computation on GPU.

This way you can benefit from the underlying constrained iterative approach. This is the physically correct way to bring to light the information contained in your images - in an instant.