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On screen imaging with conventional slide handling

Digital microimaging device Leica DMD108

The Leica DMD108 digital microimaging network instrument speeds daily workflow amazingly. The image is displayed to a monitor or projection screen thanks to the integrated camera. The integrated color management features always true color and brilliant images. As there is no need to adapt the posture to the position of eyepieces anymore, work becomes more comfortable while avoiding painful muscle tensions during long working days.

The integrated email function, and remote viewing via internet enable easy discussions with partners also without connection to a PC. Sharing of image files, measurement tools, and export of the measured data offer additional opportunities for pleasant and efficient work.

The Leica DMD108 Digital Micro Imaging solution addresses the growing workload in today’s busy laboratories.

Key Features

High color fidelity

High color fidelity

LED illumination and intelligent color management always ensure high color fidelity. The integrated camera and processor provide brilliant images true to detail on a monitor or via data projection on a screen, in order to facilitate accurate diagnosis, and execution of tumor boards.

Reduces physical discomfort

Reduces physical discomfort

Design without eyepieces allows fatigueless working position, and reduces physical discomfort noticeably.

Integrated email function

Image storage or exchange via network with integrated email function, and remote viewing via internet without PC powers discussions with partners. In addition, Leica DMD108 enables convenient access to image archives for comparison.

Work more pleasant

Many components of the microscope have been automated for ease of use. Measurement functions, and data export options speed up operations, while making work more pleasant, and efficient.