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Intrasurgical OCT EnFocus


EnFocus Ultra-HD OCT

EnFocus Ultra-Deep OCT

Applications High-Res Imaging, Posterior, Anterior Deep Imaging, Anterior, Posterior

Key Optical Performance

Axial resolution in tissue ≤ 4 μm ≤ 9 μm
Lateral resolution 15-31 μm for 175 mm objective and 16-34 μm for 200 mm objective
Imaging depth in tissue 2.5 mm 11.1 mm
Lateral field of view (scan range) > 20 mm > 20 mm
Image display resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels 1920 x 1080 pixels
Image acquisition speed > 36000 scans/s > 18000 scans/s
OCT optical power < 750 μW < 750 μW
Imaging center wavenlength 860 nm 880 nm
175 mm objective lens working distance 178 mm 178 mm
200 mm objective lens working distance 203 mm 203 mm
Fundus viewing system Compatible Compatible

Key Features

Ocular injection OCT image overlay with microscope view in eyepiece for Proveo 8 (with optional DI C800)
Secondary monitor Supports additional monitor display (HDMI/DVI/SD-SDI/VGA)
Scan-Management software InVivoVue OCT acquisition software
Scan-Management standard On-screen procedural pre-set scans
Scan-Management options Fully customizable
Scan types Line, rectangular, annular, radial
Scan control Image guided dynamic scan control
High density scanning (Max) 1400 x 1400 1000 x 1000
Foot pedal control Integrated OCT foot pedal control for Proveo 8; independant OCT foot pedal control for M844
Blood flow visualization Qualitative color Doppler OCT

Physical Features

Workstation Operating System 64-bit, Windows 10
Mobile cart Movable cart with 10 meter tether length
Removable scan head Yes
OCT scanner dimensions Scan head: 6 cm (h) x 10 cm (od)
Relay arm: 28 cm (h) x 4 cm (od)
Scan assembly: 21 cm (h) x 17.5 cm (w) x 39 cm (l)
Scan head weight 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)
Cart footprint Height of Cart 95.3 cm (h), 55.9 cm (d), 78.7 cm (l), total height 155 cm (h)
Microscope compatibility  
EnFocus Intrasurgical OCT New or existing Proveo 8 microscopes, M844 microscopes