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Why Electrical Stimulation?

To resolve controversial questions in neurobiology employing new techniques for visualizing cellular activity is essential.

Leica EM ICE with Electrical Stimulation offers millisecond precision and complete coordination of electrical discharge at the moment of freezing giving neurobiology the most reliable tool for capturing and imaging action potential and membrane trafficking events.

Webinar on how to reveal cellular dynamics with millisecond precision

Preparation workflow with Electrical Stimulation

Freeze your sample in 5 steps

  • Assemble the Electrical Stimulation components
  • Program your experiment
  • Charge the Middle plate/PSP print
  • Load the samples
  • Freeze

Why cryo-fixation?

Currently cryo-fixation is the only way to fix cellular constituents without introducing significant structural alterations.

Why light stimulation?

Synchronizing light stimulation and high pressure freezing enables you to visualize highly dynamic processes or the structural changes of photosensitive samples at a nanometer resolution and millisecond precision. This opens new possibilities for researchers in life science and industry.

  • Apply light stimulation to any light sensitive compounds such as lotions, cosmetics, or food, and photoactivated samples such as proteins, or various biological samples
  • Push the limits of our understanding  of  highly dynamic processes, such as neurotransmission at the synapse
Left: Frozen Sunscreen Lotion, Prof. D. Pum, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria and C. Tomova, S. Mimietz-Oeckler, Leica Microsystems, Vienna, Austria | Right: Symmetric Synapse, Dr. Shuwen Chang, Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin, Germany

Leica EM ICE - A High Pressure Freezer arrests aqueous samples in their native state for optimal preservation of your sample.

Why Leica EM ICE?

  • Because  it is the only high pressure freezer upgradable to electrical stimulation mode at any time at your work place
  • Because it is the only high pressure freezer with fully integrated light stimulation
  • Because it is the only tool that can capture dynamic phenomena on a millisecond scale
  • Because its capabilities open new possibilities for researchers in life science and industry
  • Because it is the only high pressure freezer that allows freezing of 9 subsequent samples
  • Because it is the only high pressure freezer that gives you the highest comfort of operation

Choose Leica EM ICE; because it is your platform for game-changing discoveries in your field. New tools, new insights.

Five colors

You can stimulate your samples using 5 LED modules with different wavelengths: blue, UV, green, red, and amber. 

  • Benefit from full integration of light stimulation for precise correlation between the light impulse, i.e. the stimulus and the time of freezing
  • Connect the LED modules to the instrument with one click only. Each module has a different wavelength and is automatically recognized by the software and recorder in the log file

Light Modules available and wavelength

  • Blue: 450 Lambda
  • UV: 380 Lambda
  • Green: 523 Lambda
  • Red: 660 Lambda
  • Amber: 597 Lambda 

Focus on your sample

You can load the sample in Leica EM ICE with one move.

  • When you close the cover of the loading station, you trigger the perfectly aligned sequence of the cartridge assembly and the freezing process
  • No additional actions are needed: the loading and freezing process are fully automated
  • You can observe and manipulate the sample one second before it is actually frozen

Efficiency included

You can work fast and efficiently with the Leica EM ICE.

  • Recovery between freezing cycles is one minute only – no waiting necessary
  • The sample storage Dewar is refilled automatically with LN2 – no maintenance necessary
    • Use 3 positions with capacity for up to 3 different samples
    • Perform up to 9 consecutive freezing cycles
    • Choose the number of samples per position with programmed rotation and differentiate between samples and conditions
  • The LN2 Dewar is drained automatically – no action necessary

Flexible & ready for upgrade

The Leica EM ICE gives you the flexibility you need for your research.

  • Define your microscope configuration (Leica S6 E or Leica M80) and environmental control (loading station, table and chamber temperature control)
  • Retrofit the instrument with light stimulation mode any time
  • Upgrade to environmental settings (table heating and/or environmental chamber) also at any time you need it
  • All upgrades (light stimulation and/or electrical stimulation module as well as environmental settings) can be performed directly in your lab by the Leica Microsystems Service Team. You do not need to return the instrument to the factory.

Environmental responsibility

Our electron microscopy sample preparation systems not only meet highest technical and ergonomic demands , but are also designed to have minimal environmental impact.

What does this mean for the Leica EM ICE?

  • LN2 consumption per day, including cooling down, is only 30 liters. This is approx. 65 % less than in previous models
  • LN2 consumption during cooling down has been reduced by approx. 70 % in comparison to its predecessors
  • No alcohol or other fluids for synchronization of pressure and cooling necessary
  • The Leica EM ICE comes in sustainable packing: a multiple-use box with integrated access ramp that we use for transportation within the factory as well as shipping to customers. This packaging was awarded the Austrian State Prize “Smart Packaging” November 2014.

We act responsibly and obtained the DIN EN ISO 14001 certificate for Environmental Management in 2015.

Last, but not least

The team that developed the Leica EM ICE has a total of 145 years experience in EM sample preparation and works closely together sharing one vision:
To provide you with the perfect instrument for your work!

145 years experience in EM sample preparation