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The Leica EM RAPID milling system for pharmaceutical research enables sample preparation for analysis of active ingredient distribution on solid-dose pharmaceuticals.

The instrument, using a tungsten carbide or diamond miller, decapsulates pills without smearing and features adjustable cutting speeds between 300 and 20,000 rpm, defined step-layer removal, low-noise extraction and filtration with a Hepa filter and single or multiple holders.

For research use only
The EM RAPID Pharmaceutical milling system for pills

Key Features

Multiple pill holder

Multiple pill holder

Multiple pill holder allows glass slide placement directly under the NIR instrument for the preparation and investigation of several tablets simultaneously, which results in increased efficiency  and throughput.

Perpendicular viewing

Perpendicular viewing of the sample by swivelling the sample holder 90 degrees means the user does not need to remove the sample for distance estimation, which saves time during the trimming procedure.

Feed hand wheel

Feed hand wheel with selectable step advance of 0.5, 1, 10, 100um per click stop allows precise layer removal.