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Stereo Microscopes - Accessories

Stereo microscopes from Leica Microsystems are customizable and modular to meet your specific applications and tasks. Below are just some of the many stages, stands, and light bases available to enhance your imaging workflow.

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Stereo Microscopes Accessories 11

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Rack and pinion system for easy height positioning.

Leica Swingarm Stands

Modular stands for handling larger samples

XY stage (optional) and universal base plate ground the system to reduce damage to sensitive electronic components.

Leica XL Stand

Modular stand allows inspection of large samples at high stereoscopic magnifications

Leica F12 I

Mobile floor stand for inspection of large samples

Leica TL4000 BFDF

Transmitted Light Base For Brightfield and Darkfield Applications Absorbs Shock and Vibrations for High Quality Imaging

The Leica Motorfocus.

Leica Motorfocus

Motorfocus system for stereomicroscopes

Precise, automatic temperature control allows accurate settings for temperature sensitive applications.

Leica MA TS

Accurate Microscope-stage for Temperature Sensitive Samples

Simultaneous use of 1X stereo objective and 10X or 20X compound objective for high resolution imaging.

Leica FluoCombi III

Fluorescence stereomicroscope accessory