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Leica Z-Series Macroscopes

The Leica Z-Series Macroscopes are zoom systems with a single vertical beam path which provide 2D images and ensure parallax-free imaging.

The fully apochromatic zoom optics offers extremely high color fidelity, accuracy, contrast, sharpness, brilliance and high-resolution even at long working distances.

With 2 manual and 2 motorized zoom body options to choose from, plus the high modularity of the Leica Z-Series, we offer the perfect conditions for numerous types of documentation, parallax-free measurements and correct polarization colors.

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Leica Z16 APO

Leica Z16 APO

Manual 16:1 Macroscope for detailed documentation, measurement and evaluation

Leica Z6 APO

Leica Z6 APO

Manual 6:1 Macroscope for detailed Documentation, Measurement and Evaluation