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Leica M80 Routine Manual Leica Leica Microsystems

Modular Routine Stereo Microscope with 8:1 Zoom Leica M80

AX Carrier - eclipses the limitations given by the parallax error

Leica Cup Stage with 360° rotatable (pivoted) working surface, 150 mm diameter of working are. Can be used with all kind of Leica stereo microscopes.

Leica M80

Leica M80 with universal base plate XL, motor focus and LED5000 MCI illumination

Leica M80

Leica M80 with standard swingarm stand, ErgoTube 10°-50° and LED3000 NVI illumination

M80 with ErgoTube® and coarse / fine focus drive - ready to support demanding applications with mechanical resolution of down to 1,5µm.

Phototube HD V

Photo tube HD V - Changeable beam splitter from 0% to 100 %

Coarse / fine focus drive for routine stereos

Focus drive with integrated cable channel

Focus drive with T-Grove to mount accessories

AX carrier - the ideal solution to measure with a stereo microscope

Discussion tube - Discuss three dimensional objects