ACS APO 63x/1,30 OIL CS

Article Number 11507900
Correction Ring (CORR) -
Coverglass With
Exit Pupil Position/DIC prism E
Field of View (FOV in mm) 16
Free Working Distance (WD in mm) 0.16
Immersion Oil
Iris Diaphragm Without
Magnification 63⨉
Contrasting Methodes TL-BF, TL-DIC, FLUO
Numerical Aperture 1.3
Objective Thread M25
Objective Type APO
Spring Loaded Yes
Suitable for AFC (Adaptive Focus Control) AFC suitable
Transmission UV (365nm)
FigureACS APO 63x/1,30 OIL CS
Transmission CurveACS APO 63x/1,30 OIL CS
Dimension SheetACS APO 63x/1,30 OIL CS