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  • Zebrafish Whole Brain imaging with Leica SP8 spectral confocal laser scanning microscope

    Zebrafish Brain - Whole Organ Imaging at High Resolution

    Structural information is key when one seeks to understand complex biological systems, and one of the most complex biological structures is the vertebrate central nervous system. To image a complete…
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  • Clarifying Tissue Clearing

    Biological specimens are intrinsically three dimensional; however because of the obscuring effects of light scatter, imaging deep into a tissue volume is problematic. Although efforts to eliminate the…
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  • Brain cells: A 3-D visualization of fluorescently-labeled brain cells within an intact brain tissue.

    Deeper Insights in Transparent Animals

    CLARITY clearing derivatives for multiphoton microscopy. Transparent organisms help us to identify spatial arrangements and connections of cells and tissues, especially neuronal circuits can easily…
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  • Clearing Procedures for Deep Tissue Imaging

    Multi-channel multiphoton microscopy with dedicated optics for CLARITY. Why clearing? Curiosity is human nature. And nothing attracts as much curiosity as the inside of living organisms. While in…
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  • Three-dimensional view of mouse hippocampus showing eYFP-expressing neurons (green), parvalbumin-positive neurons (red) and GFAP (blue) (Chung et al. 2013).

    Map the Brain with CLARITY

    Imaging whole brains with CLARITY and multiphoton microscopy. Image a whole brain without sectioning? Investigate neuronal circuits without reconstruction? Perform molecular phenotyping without…
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