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Microscópios estéreos de fluorescência Leica M205 FCA & Leica M205 FA

  • Pesquisa sobre peixe-zebra

    Para os melhores resultados durante a verificação, triagem, manipulação e aquisição de imagem, você precisa ver osdetalhes e estruturas que permitem tomar as decisões certas para os próximos passos em…
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  • Cavanillesia Arborea 10mm Core

    Improved tree-ring visualization using autofluorescence

    Autofluorescence can be a very practical tool for the visualization of growth rings in wood, especially when these structures are hard to distinguish, like in tropical trees. Tree rings are largely…
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  • Macroscale to Nanoscale Pore Analysis of Shale and Carbonate Rocks

    Physical porosity in rocks, like shale and carbonate, has a large effect on the their storage capacity. The pore geometries also affect their permeability. Imaging the visible pore space provides…
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  • Acute Transcriptional Up-regulation Specific to Osteoblasts/Osteoclasts in Medaka Fish Immediately after Exposure to Microgravity

    Bone loss is a serious problem in spaceflight; however, the initial action of microgravity has not been identified. To examine this action, we performed live-imaging of animals during a space mission…
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  • Real Time Observation of Neutrophil White Blood Cell Recruitment to Bacterial Infection In Vivo

    The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is an emerging vertebrate model organism to study infection. The transparent larva comprises a fully functional innate immune system and enables live imaging of fluorescent…
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  • Coming to Grips with Biological Information Through Flexible Organic Electronics: Developing Bendable and Stretchable Biosensors and Device

    What do you associate with the word sensor? Perhaps technologies delivering automation in factories and other production sites? That may be what comes to mind, but advances in organic electronics are…
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  • Work Efficiently in Developmental Biology and Medical Research with Stereo Microscopy: Rodent and Small Animal Surgery

    This report provides information which can help improve the routine work of scientists and technicians performing studies involving surgery on small animals and rodents, i.e. mice, rats, hamsters…
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