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Microscópio vertical de materiais Leica DM4 M e DM6 M

  • Automotivo e transporte microscópios

    Nós, aqui na Leica, desejamos ser seu colaborador com o qual pode confiar, a fim de orientá-lo quanto às soluções ideais em captura e processamento de imagens, para que você possa estar à frente da…
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  • Fluxo de trabalho de análise de limpeza

    Potencialize sua análise de limpeza do componente por todo o fluxo de trabalho para obter precisão e confiança com a ajuda de especialistas da Leica e da Pall.
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  • How to create EDOF (Extended Depth of Focus) images

    Watch this video to see how you can rapidly record sharp optical microscope images of samples with a large height variation. This is done with the optional Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) function of…
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  • See the Structure with Microscopy - Know the Composition with Laser Spectroscopy

    The advantages of a 2-in-1 materials analysis solution combining optical microscopy and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) for simultaneous visual and chemical inspection are described in…
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  • Free Webinar On-Demand: Basics of Microscope Optics

    Microscopy has become easier than ever before. Leica Microsystems offers state-of-the-art microscopes that allow to start microscopy work without a lot of training and expert skills.
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  • Cleanliness Workflow from Leica and Pall

    Obtaining cleanliness results rapidly, accurately, and reliably is a significant advantage for manufacturers and component suppliers. For this reason, Pall Corporation and Leica Microsystems have…
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  • Coming to Grips with Biological Information Through Flexible Organic Electronics: Developing Bendable and Stretchable Biosensors and Device

    What do you associate with the word sensor? Perhaps technologies delivering automation in factories and other production sites? That may be what comes to mind, but advances in organic electronics are…
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