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  • Materials Science, Physics, and Engineering

    Leica Microsystems features ergonomically designed, high-quality imaging systems to attack routine to the most challenging materials research applications.
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  • Cultura de células

    Células crescendo sob condições laboratoriais são a base para cientistas nas áreas de biologia celular, pesquisa de combate ao câncer, biologia do desenvolvimento ou qualquer outra área em ciências da…
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  • Roland A. Fleck

    Expert Knowledge on High Pressure Freezing and Freeze Fracturing in the Cryo SEM Workflow

    Get an insight in the working methods of the laboratory and learn about the advantages of Cryo SEM investigation in EM Sample Preparation. Find out how high pressure freezing, freeze fracturing and…
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  • Drosophila larvae - Sample Preparation for Cryo-SEM

    Application Note for Leica EM ACE900 - Drosophila larvae were sandwiched between two 3 mm aluminum slit carriers with the 100 μm cavities facing each other and high-pressure frozen with a Leica EM…
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  • Giardia lamblia - Sample Preparation for Cryo-SEM

    Application Note for Leica EM ACE900 - A 100 mesh copper grid (12 um thickness) was dipped into a concentrated Giardia suspension and sandwiched between two flat 3 mm aluminum specimen carriers with…
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