Applications, Labeling Strategies and Fluorophores for Super-Resolution

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Great insights can be obtained from conventional fluorescence microscopy, but studying the architecture and protein dynamics of sub-cellular compartments can be challenging, since a major portion of the information concerning the structural organization is lost due to the light diffraction limit. Several approaches to overcome this limitation have been developed and super-resolution has proven an extremely valuable tool. In recent months, super resolution microscopy has made its way into research labs and is addressing more and more scientific questions. We will highlight STED and GSDIM and look at how these methods have been optimized in the tried and proven commercially available solutions from Leica Microsystems.

The free online webinar on super-resolution was held by Leica Microsystems in association with Microscopy & Analysis.




Dr. Marko Lampe

Dr. Marko Lampe is an Applications Manager at Leica Microsystems, specializing in super-resolution techniques and sample preparation. Before joining the company, Marko worked in research science, where he gained experience in many forms of microscopy and cell biology, concentrating on super-resolution and single molecule imaging.

Dr. Wernher Fouquet

Dr. Wernher Fouquet graduated in Biomedicine from the University of Würzburg, Germany in 2008 with a thesis on structural architecture of the chemical synapse. He worked for the NeuroCure Neurological Disorder Cluster of Excellence at the Charité Hospital in Berlin, Germany. In December 2010, he became an in-house researcher for Leica Microsystems.

Key Learnings

In addition to a review of the principles of the method and system architecture, we will expand on specific guidelines for sample preparation, suitable fluorophores and labeling strategies. We will also highlight selected application examples, including super resolution imaging of intracellular substructures such as cytoskeleton elements and associated proteins, nuclear pore complexes and cellular compartments. In particular for STED imaging we will consider applications requiring multi-colour and live imaging.

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The webinar on super-resolution was held by Leica Microsystems in association with Microscopy & Analysis.


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