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Leica Science Lab – Guidelines for Authors

You are welcome to contribute to Leica Science Lab! Here you find some information, how to write and submit your Science Lab article.

What is Leica Science Lab?

Leica Science Lab offers scientific content and online teaching material on the subjects of microscopy, from the basics to specific application know-how. The website features scientific articles on techniques, applications and areas of research. The content is designed to support beginners, experienced practitioners and scientists alike in their everyday work and experiments. Experts in science, methods, and techniques who would like to share their knowledge with the community are cordially invited to publish their articles in Leica Science Lab.


Each article should be around 1500 to 2000 words in length (approximate value). It should be written in a clear, narrative style and aimed at a readership that is scientifically qualified, although not necessarily familiar with the exact subject. Cross-headings should be added to break up the article in appropriate paragraphs. Articles should be submitted as Word files.

While we reserve the right to edit any article, every effort will be made to ensure that the sense and overall character of the article remain intact. Overt promotional references to particular companies or products, unless essential to the context, are liable to be edited out.

All files should be submitted to: Britta.Pohl(at)leica-microsystems(dot)com


Up to ten keywords can be added. They should reflect the main content items regarding methods and fields of applications mentioned in the text.


References can be included but should be limited to those of direct relevance to the text. They should be numbered sequentially as they appear in the text and then listed at the end of the article.


Appropriate figures, tables, photographs or cartoons should be provided for each article. These should be submitted as JPG, TIF, GIF or EPS files.


Videos can be provided as mpeg format (.mp4 or .m4v). Technical specifications video: coded with h.264 Codec, picture rate: 30 fps, video format: 16:9 or 1280x720px, bit rate [MBit/s]: 600 kB.

Technical specifications audio: Codec: AAC, output channel: stereo, frequency: 48 kHz, audio quality: high, bit rate:  max 128 KBit/s, priority: bit rate.
Preview image: file format: .jpg, size: 16:9, 640x360px, color space: RGB, resolution: 72dpi

If the video or image files are bigger than 15 MB, please provide a download link or ask the editor to get an upload link. 

Rights of use

The author assures that the publication of his or her articles including illustrations do not infringe any third-party rights. With the publication in the Leica Science Lab, Leica Microsystems also acquires the right to publish the content in other Leica owned Media.


A personal biography of 50-100 words should be submitted for each author, together with a photograph.


Please address your queries to Ellen Haus, Online Marketing & e-Learning Coordinator, Leica Microsystems GmbH, Global Marketing, Ernst-Leitz-Str. 17-37, DE-35578 Wetzlar, Germany, Phone: +49 6441 29 2536, Email: Ellen.Haus(at)leica-microsystems(dot)com